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The better way to your destination.

Contemporary, intelligent traffic concepts must ensure that existing resources are used meaningfully.

And attractive, practicable offers with high acceptance are generated.

KOMPARI combines the advantages of ridesharing, individual and public transport.

KOMPARI in detail

KOMPARI is designed to meet the need for comfortable, safe and attractive travel

Dynamic, spontaneous, in real time

KOMPARI needs no lead times and long planning. KOMPARI can tell immediately, which means of transport best meets your current requirements.

This also applies to drivers: Even if you are already on the road, you can receive requests to take with you that match your route and requirements profile.

Seamless intermodal

KOMPARI finds the best means of transport. Ridesharing offers, local public transport and long-distance transport are taken into account and coordinated in order to make the journey as comfortable, economical and fast as possible. KOMPARI thus offers an uninterrupted and seamless travel chain.

KOMPARI is trustworthy and as secure as possible

KOMPARI attaches the greatest possible importance to safety and works continuously to ensure this. This includes the identification and mutual evaluation of travel partners, GPS tracking of the trip and a 24-hour customer centre.

At the same time KOMPARI attaches the greatest possible importance to the protection of user data. These are only used to make the journey as comfortable and safe as possible.

KOMPARI naturally fulfils the framework conditions of the German Passenger Transport Act.

Reduction of the ecological footprint

FutureMobilty must not mean that you are stuck in traffic jams with alternative drives.

Rather, the aim must be to make sensible and effective use of existing transport resources in order to offer high-quality mobility and at the same time reduce environmental pollution. Intelligent pooling reduces energy consumption, CO2 emissions, particulate matter and traffic congestion.


KOMPARI is a service of PEER engineering

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